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Flourishing for the Future Challenges

Show You Care, Be Plastic Free
18 XP
To continue our efforts to be the best company for the world, we’re participating in Plastic-Free July: an annual global movement that helps millions of people to reduce their plastic waste. We invite you to join us in celebrating by hosting your own community based plastic clean up! Gather your communities, head into nature, and become a force for good for our planet by hosting your own plastic clean up to show you care. Post images here to earn credit.

[ This challenge has been completed 57 times ]
Low Waste Lifestyle
40 XP
Did you know humans will eat up to 40 pounds of plastic in a lifetime?* That’s not sustainable or healthy! Let’s ditch single-use plastic items and keep our planet and bodies healthy. Eliminate single-use items from a training event, presentation, party, or community event by choosing reusable dishes, silverware, glasses, napkins, and kitchen towels to reduce waste. Share a photo of your setup featuring sustainable choices and earn qualifying points by uploading to this challenge. You'll receive bonus points if you host your event outside or in a natural setting! *

[ This challenge has been completed 108 times ]
Garden for Good
10 XP
Get your hands dirty with your friends, family and communities. Join us by planning your own gardening event and reconnect with nature while helping to create a healthy planet. Together we can be a force for good for our planet and work to be the best company for the world. HINT! Plant your garden features fruits and vegetables that support our mission of sustainable healthy living. Share your photos and videos with us and earn bonus points towards our annual Flourishing for the Future Award.

[ This challenge has been completed 45 times ]
Clean Air & Lower Carbon
22 XP
The climate crisis is one of the world’s most pressing issues, but together we can curb carbon emissions. Instead of driving, get outside and reconnect with nature by riding your bike or walking to your destination. This not only cuts carbon emissions, but also reduces air pollution – ensuring clean air for our communities and our families to breathe! To earn extra points, use this tool,, to estimate your individual carbon footprint. Share your biking/walking photos or your footprint calculator results here to earn points.

[ This challenge has been completed 94 times ]
Sustainable, Healthy Living
20 XP
Take your sustainable healthy living routine to the next level and commit to a Meatless Monday. Load up on your greens and reduce your ecological footprint at the same time. Hint! Shop at your local farmer's market for the freshest ingredients from nature and to show some love for your community’s local businesses. Take a picture of your vegetarian/vegan meal or share your recipe by uploading it to this challenge to earn points.

[ This challenge has been completed 78 times ]
Reconnect with Nature
18 XP
Reconnecting with nature has been shown to have a variety of positive impacts on mental and physical health and is an important step in sustainable healthy living. In fact, recent studies found that staying close to nature can help improve chronic pain, cardiac illnesses and hypertension.* Get outside and take a walk through nature. In the mountains, the forest, or the beach, the location is up to you — just take some photos of yourself along the way and upload them to this challenge to earn points. *Seymour, V. (2016). The human-nature relationship and its impact on health: A critical review.

[ This challenge has been completed 160 times ]
FUNdraise for Youth
10 XP
The Flourish Arbonne Foundation is committed to improving the mental wellbeing of 1 million youth by 2030! Help us achieve this vision by visiting > Fundraise to create your own personalized fundraising page today! You can raise funds for your birthday, run a race, include an opportunity drawing at your next event, or hold a donation-based fitness activity—the possibilities are endless! Post an image of your page here to earn credit for this challenge.

[ This challenge has been completed 15 times ]
Promote a Healthy Mind, Happy Heart
5 XP
Holistic wellness has a purpose, and that includes mental health. Help us break down the stigma around mental health and create more awareness around the Flourish Arbonne Foundation’s mission by re-sharing any of Arbonne’s posts on social media tagged with #ArbonneFoundation, or create your own post sharing about what you do to care for your mental health with #ArbonneFoundation. Upload a screenshot of your post to earn credit for this challenge.

[ This challenge has been completed 62 times ]
Community Builders
50 XP
Volunteering is a great way to give back and build up your local community. Post a photo of yourself volunteering with #Arbonneforgood on your social channels and upload a screenshot of your post to earn credit for this challenge.

[ This challenge has been completed 0 times ]